Recently Published Work

Hello. Rather than post a small excerpt of my articles and than a corresponding link (as I had been doing with increasingly less diligence), I am just going to post the links on the right-hand side of the page, where it says: Recently Published Work.

That list goes back 10 years or so, so some of the oldest articles have had dead links. When I notice that I do my best to find a fresh link or an archived or cached replacement, if possible.

The majority of my recent work has been at Truthout, which can be accessed here.

Also, a company called Muck Rack offers journalists a chance to publish a fairly accessible portfolio of articles, and my page can be accessed here. This is updated but does not go back (as of now anyway) for more than a year. Time permitting, I will put older articles up.

I also almost always post my articles up at Twitter, with the most recent article being pinned at the top.

All of this, it seems to me, it easier and more practical than formatting excerpts on a blogger platform. So, if for whatever reason you are looking to find my most recent writings, those options should work fine.

Reminder: Truthout articles may not be reprinted without the organization's permission.