Alec Baldwin has a blog?

I admit, I would probably prefer an Al Gore presidency to the current Democratic candidates. But Alec Baldwin's subtle endorsement of the former Vice President is a full of simpleton nonsense.

He writes:

This has been an unusually mild winter. November and December both quite warm. And record January temperatures. (On January 6th, I walked along Central Park here in NY in 72 degree weather.)

Cold weather from the North fought its way into this area in February, and we had five or six weeks of true winter cold, but it is running out the door a lot quicker than it came in.

Is this what global warming's first act will look like?

What? Not only does the warm weather tell us virtually nothing about global warming, but it tells of even less about why Al Gore should be President, or why Alec Baldwin wrote this useless piece.

Alec, climate change is real and scary. This is clear. And by all accounts Al Gore would be a good president in regards to this very important issue. Why not actually articulate that as opposed to this half-assed attempt to be clever?