Around the Web: Kucinich, Impeachment and Other Musings

*Dennis Kucinich is sending a message about impeachment. Even some comments on DailyKos, a place not very friendly to the Kuc, are rather positive. Now, I have no delusions about Kucinich's chances to win -- or even compete -- for the nomination. But, if he takes an aggressive approach on this issue, it will expand the debate, and give him more exposure. It may also give him a one or two points bump in the polls, for whatever that is worth.

Seems like a good deal for everyone concerned, other than the White House. It about time more attention is paid to the “I Word.”

* Sam Harris has something new in the LA Times.

There is no question that many people do good things in the name of their faith — but there are better reasons to help the poor, feed the hungry and defend the weak than the belief that an Imaginary Friend wants you to do it. Compassion is deeper than religion. As is ecstasy. It is time that we acknowledge that human beings can be profoundly ethical — and even spiritual — without pretending to know things they do not know.

*What the hell has happened to Deval Patrick?