PBS Frontline: on the Media

Last night PBS Frontline aired its fourth and final installement of "News War" which has been a facinatating and in-depth look into the news media of today.

This program touched on so many issues facing media today, that it would be impossible to give an adequate summary right now, but I do have a couple of quick thoughts reacting to last night's broadcast.

1.) How absurd is it that the United States big media companies will not air Al Jazeera English, and give Americans a glimpse of another viewpoint and another culture? Ignorance is far more sinister when it is self-imposed.

2.) While newspapers and magazines continue to face cuts, PBS has again showed us why public broadcasting is so important, and why we ought to provide more funding to it. From a piece I wrote at The Globe.

In the United States about $1.70 of the average person's annual taxes goes towards public broadcasting. To put this into perspective, the average American spends $33 of thier taxes on pork barrel spending.

If we hope get information ... we ought to consider putting more money into public broadcasting.

And the public agrees.