Around the Web

I am swamped today, so here is a taste of what I am reading.

*If you are interested in the Iran/UK sailor situation, Steve Maher at Rational Manifesto is a must read. Though he would probably find fault with this op-ed, I would also suggest giving it a read as well.

*Over at the Plank, Jonathan Chait says that Ramesh Ponnuru, who think Democrats are the Party of Death, is the most "intellectually honest conservative" around. I am with Ben, who throws is hands up in the air and says: "I can't decide if I agree." He also notes, fairly I think, that Pat Buchanan deserves some consideration as well. Perhaps a better question: Who is the least honest?

*Here is a painfully stupid editorial in the Washington Post. And a very good one from the Globe.

*While it is conventional wisdom that Bush et al rejected the Iraq Study Group Report, Michael Boyer suggests taking a closer look.