Daylight Come An' Obama Go Home

Just once, I would love to wake up one morning, and find some news about Obama that makes me like him a little bit more than I did the day before. But, amazingly, nearly five months after he made his intentions known, this day has yet to come.

In fact, it seems that every time I read something about Obama I like him less and less. (which may account for all my posts criticizing him: here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here)

It's one thing for him to avoid saying anything beyond the need for “hope” and “change.” I mean, I like hope and I like change. But the we-don’t-need-no-stinking-policy-papers theme is growing old, and is intellectually offensive to a degree.

But I guess most presidential campaigns are intellectually offensive in a sense. So forgetting his vague (but seductive) rhetoric, I am quite disturbed by Obama’s foreign policy speeches. As Michael Dougherty notes, Robert Kagan, who along with Bill Kristol co-founded PNAC, really liked Obama’s speech.

So let us see here: We have one of the world’s arch neo-cons endorsing his foreign policy platform, and Marty Peretz endorsing his views on the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Can someone please give me a reason not to be frightened by this?