The Vermont Independence Movement

"The winds of secession are blowing in the Green Mountain State." -- Ian Baldwin & Frank Bryan

I have long been fascinated by the movement to create a Second Vermont Republic (IE secede from the United States). Part of me has always wanted to pitch the idea to an editor, and write about it. But I always reasoned that there is no editor in the world who would take my idea - or the movement -- seriously enough to let me run with it.

So the fact that there is an op-ed in Sunday's Washington Post on this very issue, is both exciting and depressing for me.

Here is a portion of what was a very interesting piece:

The present movement for secession has been gathering steam for a decade and a half. In preparation for Vermont's bicentennial in 1991, public debates -- moderated by then-Lt. Gov. Howard Dean -- were held in seven towns before crowds that averaged 230 citizens. At the end of each, Dean asked all those in favor of Vermont's seceding from the Union to stand and be counted. In town after town, solid majorities stood. The final count: 999 (62 percent) for secession and 608 opposed.