The Attack Continues

Alan Dershowitz's one-man campaign to keep Norman Finkelstein from getting tenure, has benefited from the fact that he has so many outlets from which to publish. While Dershowitz is a self-described liberal, he seems to enjoy advocating war, torture and the appointments of crazed pro-war advocates to the UN, in right wing opinion pages, such as his case to approve John Bolton in the Washington Times -- "A public advocate for the United States."

The Wall Street Journal Editorial Page has since become his favorite home in which to spread misinformation. They ran his piece apologizing for the atrocities committed by Israel in 2006 and now they have enabled his endless solitary effort to keep Finkelstein from getting tenure despite the fact that he has been approved, unanimously, by the faculty.

The libelous blather in this work is, predictably, absurd.