Chomsky V. Sullivan

I found this clip of Real Time with Bill Maher from back in 2004. Chomsky talks about Iraq, and Andrew Sullivan has a mindless tantrum, complete with unsubstantiated nonsense. Every single thing he said was false. Most laughably, was his assertion -- which he seemed to just make up of the top of his head -- that Chomsky "support the Soviet Union." Anyone who has ever read Chomsky knows that he unambigiosuly opposed the Soviet Union. As Michael Leon wrote in a letter to Sullivan:

I realize the show's time constraints, but still it is revealing that you did not bother to cite a Chomsky work in which he has supported the Soviet Union. None exist. Over the last four decades of deriding the USSR, Chomsky's most frequent term to describe the Soviet Union is "a dungeon." I have read scores of his books and articles and not once have I read anything to that could be said to support the USSR--in fact, to the contrary. Indeed, Chomsky's political philosophy--left-libertarian--is antithetical to any centralized government. So, did you just make this up? Do you have anything--anything--to support your assertion?

So here we are three years later and I have to ask: how can anyone take Andrew Sullivan seriously anymore?