Off Topic: The Celtics land KG

Bill Simmons approves of the KG-to-Boston trade -- and points out the irony that if the Celtics win their 17th title anytime soon, it will be thanks to one of the greatest forwards in NBA history, Kevin McHale.

As a Celtics fan I have seen of the worst trades ever known to man. Pitino trades Billups for Kenny Anderson and a first round pick for Vitaly Potopenko. Chris Wallace trades Joe Johnson and a first round pick for Tony Delk and two months of Rodney Rogers. Wallace than does what no other GM (sans maybe Isiah Thomas) would ever do and trades for Vin Baker and his $56 million contract. Ainge trades Antoine Walker for Raef Lafrenz, and than trades to get Antoine back. He then trades away the pick that would have been Brandon Roy (last season's Rookie of the Year) for Telfair, who I am pretty sure was packing a gun in his gym shorts.

It has been a comedy of errors.

So I simply do not know handle this one. I will say that McHale took the store from the C's. Two first round picks, Jefferson, Gomes and Green (and cap filler Telfair and Ratliff.) Six years from now KG will working for TNT and Jefferson and Green will be amongst the top players in the league.

But you know what? It has been 21 years since the Celtics have won a championship. They have been painfully bad since 2002 when they made the Eastern Conference Finals, and frankly they weren't all that good then. So really, the team has nothing to lose. The Danny Ainge never ending rebuilding plan is over. The Celtics have KG, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen, and are playing in a weak conference. They are contenders -- if not favorites -- to win the East. And for the first time ever, my generation can care about the basketball in Boston.

I'll take it.