Weekend Reading

* ON Murdoch: There has been a lot of rhetoric coming out of the WSJ office about how important the newspaper is to journalism, and how a Murdoch sale could hurt that integrity. But for some members of the Bancroft family trust the problem with Murdoch's offer is not that it would result in the demise of the paper, but that the mogul isn't offering enough cash. This brings to mind the article in the New Statesman that says the Journal, as one the chief proponents of "free" market absolutism, deserves Murdoch.

* ON Chavez the "dictator": Obama's comments about diplomacy has spawned a debate over at the Nation blogs. David Corn thinks Obama made a huge mistake. Katrina offers a different conclusion. I side (as usual) with Katrina on this one. But one element of the You Tube question that went by the wayside is the way Hugo Chavez was lumped with the regimes in North Korea and Iran. Thankfully John Nichols (who has been doing terrific work on the impeachment issue as of late) makes the following point:

Leaving aside the fact that Venezuela's Hugo Chavez, a popularly elected leader, is not one of the "world's worst dictators," it is particularly galling that Clinton -- in her rush to trash Obama -- is contradicting her own declaration in an April debate that, "I think it is a terrible mistake for our president to say he will not talk with bad people."

Chavez, like all leaders with so much power, should be challenged. And indeed, like all leaders with so much power, he has made some poor decisions, such as stacking the Supreme Court. But he has won two elections, and has massive popular support from the people of his country. It is a joke to lump him in with regimes that hang people for being homosexual. President Bush has been a far greater threat to democracy than Hugo Chavez.

* On the DLC: Their influence is clearly waning, which is a good thing. All eight of the Presidential candidates are attending Yearlykos, and not the DLC convention. Though Bill Clinton will be the keynote speaker at the DLC conventon. One thing that bothers me, however, is that despite the fact that DLC's anti-liberal, pro-war, pro-business policies are losing favor, the establishment DLC candidate, Hillary Clinton is leading all the polls. I think if more Democrats knew more about the DLC, they would find her affiliation with them to be sufficient reason to support someone else. A Clinton victory could empower the DLC and marginalize an opposition party that is already too cautious.

* On Gay Marriage: I wrote a short piece about the Democrats opposition to gay marriage yesterday and got a random e-mail that reads as follows.

Read your article on OpEdNews this morning and would like to share a piece of information that came our way concerning male homosexuality. It’s a rather long piece so we have included only just the beginning. Let us know if you would like the remainder. We can attach it as a Microsoft Word file if you would like.

We had male homosexual friends that we love very much. We are female. They did not like being where they were and in our quest for understanding, we also wanted to know the why of homosexuality. This is what was given us. Along with the understanding, He gave us the beginnings for a cure.

Go with God!