The al-Maliki Government

The Iraqi papers paint a rather dismal picture of the Iraqi government, and the future of Iraq.

From al-Azzaman:

This government’s performance has alienated many Iraqis and forced nearly half of its members to boycott it. And despite its devastating performance, Maliki goes about his work as if he is leading a representative government with an impressive record.

The government Maliki leads fails the simplest test necessary to measure the success of any government in the world. It is weaker than the militia force of any of the political factions in the country. Its authority hardly goes beyond the U.S.-protected Green Zone in Baghdad. It cannot provide proper public services. It has drastically failed to reinstate security.

Maliki’s government is practically non-existent and if we were in a country with a sound political system, it should have resigned long time ago. The fact that Maliki limgers on is an added signal of the damage he is determined to inflict on the country’s political process.

Another columnist notes:

And the present-day Iraq is suffering from its own dictatorship covered with the skin of democracy. Iraq is a failed country. It is imploded. It is under a constant state of destruction and annihilation. It is isolated. In short, Iraq is a country which suffers from the nice words its invaders once bragged about such as democracy, liberation and freedom. These have turned into nails in Iraq’s coffin.