The Death of Conservatism as we Know it.

This letter to Andrew Sullvian is quite good.

Here is a portion:

Bush and company are not the exception, they're the proof; they're not something new, some aberration, they're just the same old same old come bubbling up from underneath and finally to power. And that's why Bush's (s)election in 2000 was
the best thing that could have happened to this country, a real blessing in disguise. Now we can see what's really down there in the dark. We can reject it, and go on - and we'd better go on, because with what we have to face nationally, internationally and globally, we don't have much more time to waste on this studidity. "Conservatism", as we have known it, is over. Too bad the cost has been so high. But as Jung said, those who will not learn will be made to feel.