Sirota on Democrats and the War

There is an inclination for progressives to apologize and make excuses for Democrats. They did it for Kerry and Edwards in 2004 regarding their support for the war (among other things), and it is happening now in the case of Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Caucus.

This pattern is born out of fear -- mainly of losing elections to Republicans. But this fear is unfounded. Americans want a new health care system, want better wages, and, most importantly want to end this war. And it is up to the progressive community to apply pressure to the Democrats, so that they adhere to the will of the people.

Referencing the latest Iraq War proposal by House Democrats, David Sirota, as he often does, hits the mark with this post.

To those automatons who are so blinded by partisan rage that they can’t see the need to pressure Democrats, I say that this new announcement [setting a date certain for leaving Iraq] by Democrats is a vindication for all of us who have tried - like studious movement participants - to hold both parties’ feet to the fire.