The AFL-CIO Debate (In Progress) II: Obama and Foreign Policy

Obama looks awful, and foreign policy is killing him. I think the Obama campaign has made a huge miscalculation on foreign policy. The main attraction that Obama has towards anti-war lefties like myself was that he was right about the war in 2002. Since Edwards has outflanked Obama from the left (by a long shot) on economic issues, Obama's best chance to be the "anti-Hillary" candidate would have been to stay to the left of Edward's on issues of war and peace.

Instead, his campaign has decided that his previous foresight about Iraq has enabled him to go insanely hawkish towards Afghanistan and Pakistan (see his disturbing piece in Foreign Affairs for more on this). Sounding like a true advocate of the perpetual War on Terror, he is running a frighteningly interventionist campaign, and as I have noted before, he has garnered the praise of Marty Peretz on the Middle East, and Robert Kagan on international policy in general. He also caved to Bush on funding and receives a lot of funding from defense contractors. In short, the one issue that should have made Obama appealing to me, has become his biggest weakness.